lemon ginger cure-all

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

We’re officially in the midst of the holiday season; does anyone else feel like her head is in a vise?

It seems like yesterday my feet were sinking into warm sand…

But now snow drifts and boots are right around the corner. Brrr!

So it’s time for a lemon ginger cure-all. Alkalizing, digestion-balancing, immune-boosting. Magical stuff.
Sore throat? Upset tummy? Headache? Lemon ginger cure-all. Cranky? Stressed? Tired? Lemon ginger cure-all. 
About to have a meltdown? General grogginess from holiday overindulgence? A sneaking suspicion that your relatives were trying to poison you at that awkward family dinner? Lemon ginger cure-all. 
A pattern is beginning to emerge.
Whenever I begin feeling under the weather I crave a steaming cup of this spicy, tangy, bracing brew. And regardless of the ailment, it always does the trick. Recently it occurred to me that this could be even more effective as a preventative tonic, taken on a daily basis. So I’ve been drinking a cup first thing every morning, before coffee. My parents tell me that both of my Italian grandfathers (one Sicilian, the other Neapolitan) drank hot lemon water every morning. Worked for them. 
So, boil some water and fill up your favorite mug. Add freshly squeezed lemon and ginger juice to taste. (I like the brew to be quite potent, so for 8 ounces of water I use the juice of 1/2 lemon and the juice squeezed from roughly 1 tablespoon of grated ginger.)

(One of my favorite kitchen gadgets – a porcelain ginger grater. Far superior to a microplane or regular grater to break down the rhizome’s fibers and release its potent juices.)
You can also add a pinch of ground turmeric (helps support the liver and therefore perfect for recovery from holiday overindulgence), cayenne (its capsaicin reduces pain and inflammation, especially soothing for a sore throat), or any of your favorite spices. Stir in a drizzle of raw honey or maple syrup if you prefer a sweeter brew. 
Sit. Sip. Relax. Make an extra cup for that cranky holiday-hater in your life. We will all be feeling better soon. 

6 thoughts on “lemon ginger cure-all

  1. I love every drink with fresh ginger in it!! It is also so good for your libido!!

    I also have a ceramic ginger grater. I baught it in our large Asian supermarket here in the center of Brussels!


  2. Hi, I've just got back from Japan and I'm totally hooked on Ginger. A restaurant owner made me a ginger tea to cure my upset stomach and had me eating again within a few minutes.

    I now eat sliced Ginger with my morning fruit and it keeps my system feeling great all day.


  3. Hi Colin – thanks for you comment; sounds great! Ginger is an amazing spice 🙂 Fennel seed is also very good for the stomach – might try steeping some fennel seeds in hot water, strain, then add fresh ginger juice – for a soothing brew.


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